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The reasons why the astronauts are chosen to go on a planet because the leader of N.S.A chooses 4 people that get to go on planets. But they also would just pretty much die from the dust,the wind and finally the storm and other alemintal things in mars.


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RM 7 bean boozled challenge

RM 7 bean boozled
Who? Room 7.
What? We played  bean boozled.
When? Thursday 12 april.
Where? At school in room 7.
Why? Cause mrs komor gave miss ashley the bean boozled  game.

Round 1:
One morning on thursday 12th April we did a challenge and it was called  bean boozled challenge. Miss Ashley was given the game by Mrs Komor for christmas. All of  Rm7 got to try some Rm7 got bad luck and most of Room 7 got good luck. Then miss ashley picked  us to come. Pick one so first was Keru they thought it was lime but when he swallowed .it was actually grass. Next was lopi he got white
bean.and when he ate it he got spoiled  milk. the next one was michael and he had  grass last was miss Ashley and she got grass like michael .
Round 2:
Then it was the next round  and again i started fist and lopi was next and we got the same one  he got stinky socks and again miss Ashley was last and this time she got  buttered popcorn and then we sat on the mat after we did the challenge.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

DioXide- It means Oxygen

Vessels- It’s a Varios of boats.

Oxygen-is transparent and is from trees and makes us alive

Circulated-  It means a freely through a closed system or area.

Circulatory System-the system that circulates blood and lymph through the body, consisting of the heart, blood vessels, blood, lymph, and the lymphatic vessels and glands.

Circulatory- Circulatory means a circle of blood or sap.

Disposer- It is a Garbage Disposal

Recount checklist

Crossing the bridge

On Saturday the 16th of March 1852, there was a farmer and her brown and white cow. The farmer’s name was called peaches.

First the farmer got her cow and tried to get the cow to move “ come on bessie.” she said as she struggled to pull bessie. Peaches grabbed her coins and she went to William Johnsen the toll keeper. She gave William Johnson 1 coin for her and 1 for her cow.

Evening Johnson” she said as she was waiting to cross the bridge.
William Johnson took the money and said “thank you very much,enjoy your day.” William Johnson used his strength to turn the winch so that the farmer could go through the bridge and go to the market. The farmer and the cow got to the market and the farmer got the bucket and milked the cow to sell the milk to the villagers.

The farmer looked and looked to see if anyone was coming to get some milk. But then she saw one person in line to see if it tasted nice. So she gave the nice lady some milk and she said “ WOOPHE!!!, that's the best milk i've ever tasted.” So she bought some milk and took it to her kids and they shared the milk together. After she left she told everyone about the milk and there was a whole line of people waiting to get some milk. Then he got to the last person and there was no one else in the line. So she packed up all her stuff and took her cow home. Then they got home and they jumped straight on to their beds and went to sleep.

Recount checklist ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Surface features
Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence
Capital ‘I’
Capital letters for names of places and people
Full stops at the end of a sentence
Speech marks when people are talking
Punctuation - ? ! ; : ‘
Words are written in past tense
Connectives - next, then, afterwards
Interesting and difficult adjectives
Deep features

Introduction has who, what, when, where, why, and how

Conclusion has a reflective statement or says how you felt
Ideas/events in the right order

3 paragraphs
Metaphors and similes
Different types of sentences - short, long, compound and complex