Monday, December 3, 2018

should zoos exist?

I devastly recommend that Zoos should be banned from the world because many animals are abused or threatened by Zookeepers or people who catch the animals (Elephants in Thailand get whacked with sharp sticks to do stuff).

Even if  Captivity can extend an animal's lifetime , it changes its behavior acting. Animals get undeniably lazy because they are positioned in a small mimicked area of their habitat , especially because they get feeded their own food and dont have to run for predators and last of all they never have to spurt from predators if in danger.

Obviously , today Zoos use smarter technology to catch wild animals but think of the old times , they used strong wire to wrap around the animals head. They  to HURT the animal to put it in a Zoo. Today they use a knockout dart called tranquiliser. Think about it , it still hurts  the animal in pain while being knocked out.

I agree because when their wild they can die easy that’s why they put them in the zoo because they get good food and they won't
Get extinct.

The animals keeper it’s good to the animals because it’s feed them but when
Visitor are mean to animals.

{agree/pro number 2.better}
I agree that zoos should exist.the reason that i agree is because so that the animals would not be extinct,they wouldn't be extinct because the zoo keepers would make them breed(meaning making babies). e.g. bald eagles have been going extinct but Zoos have saved some by breeding in captivity.

Zoos should exist because also they can make them live longer and enjoy their food.

By jeremy,fereti,keru.

cardinal direction/fortnite theme

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Breaks should be longer at school.

                                            Breaks should be longer at school.

I'm absolutely certain that breaks should be longer so people have more time to play and hang out with their friends and so people can eat also finish there diet but people don't always want longer time to play because sometimes they get bored or they just don't want to play longer.

I’m absolutely certain that breaks should not be compulsory in school because heaps of people play to much and then teachers have all this work for you to do and the bell rings thats why i think that longer breaks should not be compulsory and because people will only want to play not learn at all that’s my reason.

Fidget spinners should/shouldn't be allowed in class.

I definitely disagree that fidget spinners should be compulsory so students can learn instead of focusing on the fidget spinners it makes people fidget with it because it says it straight in the title and it also causes distraction towards other people and will make everyone get it and our teacher will be mad cause of all the hard work and effort she put into it because everyone won't listen that's why i think fidget spinners should not be compulsory in school and in other classes why would the th

Fidget spinner should be allowed in class

Most people would agree that fidget spinners can/might be allowed in class when kids are bored they can play with it even when you have to play hand games you can play with it rather than just going on your netbook cause you will yell at your friends and go like share the game with me and all that kind of stuff that's why i think fidget spinners should be compulsory in class and people like getting entertained so fidget spinners will be the best thing to entertain the person what will you child do with the fidget spinner.

I hope you guys understand our reasoning i hope you people will not/will let it be compulsory so that you

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thursday, October 25, 2018



A semiconductor was invented by Jagadish Chandra Bose. Cat whiskers was a point-contact semiconductor rectifier used for detecting radio waves. A transistor is a device composed of semiconductor material. John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & Wiliam Shockley all co-invented the transistor in 1947 at Bell Labs.
Mi nam is define

Semiconductors are used as electrical circuits as it name implies it is a material that conducts current , partly it's like an insulator but an insulator has no conductivity a conductor by itself has full capacity

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

P.E after lunch time

Yesterday on Monday 24th September after lunch Room 7 was going to go out for PE.we (room 7) had earnt our free time last Friday, but it was raining so we couldn’t go out.Miss Ashley promised room 7 was going to head out next week instead. So p.e it was . . .

Firstly the students drank their Fonterra Milk while Miss Ashley read a few pages of ‘The Hunger Games’ which is our class read aloud. It was a really good part where Katniss heads in for her TV interview and Peeta drops the bombshell that he secretly has liked her for years! (I know right?). Some of my classmates were listening and some were playing hand games, but at least they were quiet so Miss Ashley kept reading. Next room 7 took a vote about what game we wanted to play for p.e. Miss said to the class “we are NOT playing Invisible Touch, we are NOT playing Bullrush and we are NOT playing Golden Child.we didn’t play those games Because Miss was bored of playing those games.” All my classmates started calling out games they wanted to play but of course it sounded like a baboon of screaming monkeys to her, me and Miss couldn’t hear anything. When they finally calmed down we took a vote, and then she changed her mind and we agreed that we would play 20 minutes of softball and then we could play touch (or any other game they wanted) afterwards.

After room 7 finished doing p.e.we came back up stares and got our bags and then she told us about our ako evening.when she finished talked about the ako evening the bell rang then she gave room 7 our notes.after she gave our notes than we can go home

blindfold challenge

WHAT: Blindfold challenge.
WHERE: room 7
WHY: For fun
WHEN: Friday 21st September 2018, 9.10am
HOW: got into buddies, Miss Ashley arranged the furniture
WHO: Room 7 students

  • Get in buddies
  • Miss Ashley gave instructions and rules - points.
  • In your head, made a plan of which way to go
  • Say who your buddy was.
  • Feelings: paralysed, nervous, scared, excited, sleepy, felt comfortable because I had done it before, trust my buddy??? Felt like i was going the wrong. Felt like a robot.
  • How did it feel to have a blindfold on?
  • Happened: lost points because we touched the paper/tables, fell over,
  • Banged into each other.
  • Table pushed me to the side
  • Furniture was like spikes in Fortnite.
  • Screaming like it was a justin bieber concert
  • Kaboom
  • “ahhh”
  • Tell them to “go straight, go left and right, go on the chair and jump on it, crawl, climb over, duck, stop stop stop, lean over, reach out, grab the chair, step over, confirm or deny”
  • Felt like the general of an army, an army of one.
  • Felt like: excited, angry, nervous, strong, fearless, in control,
CONCLUSION: (Choose one of these)
  • My favourite was..
  • I felt ..
  • It was easy/hard because..
  • I would or wouldn’t do this again because...

On the 21st of september 2018 at tamaki primary in the morning miss ashley told room 7 that we were going to do a blindfold challenge then she told us to get into partners of 2.After she told room 7 to get into partners she then gave us a blindfold so we can tie the blindfold around our partners head so we cannot see.After she told us to tie the blindfold around our partners head she then told us `to put our partner in the front and then she set up obstacle course.

2nd paragraph:When miss told room 7 to put our partners in the front she called the people that were going first wich was Keru/Terrell,Leon/Railey,reign/waiari.When we got started my partner/Terrell guided  me to the end. And I felt frustrated.when I got to the end it was my partners turn.

Paragraph 3: When my turn was finished  it was Terrells turn and also it was my turn to guide him to finish he felt super duper nervous but I said  “try your best” so he tried his best and we completed our mission which was to finish the blindfold obstacle course challenge.the end

Structure and language
Sentence structure

Next steps/things to work on


Checked by:

Recount checklist ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Surface features
Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence

Capital ‘I’

Capital letters for names of places and people

Full stops at the end of a sentence

Speech marks when people are talking
Punctuation - ? ! ; : ‘
Words are written in past tense
Connectives - next, then, afterwards
Interesting and difficult adjectives
Deep features

Introduction has who, what, when, where, why, and how

Conclusion has a reflective statement or says how you felt

Ideas/events in the right order

3 paragraphs
Metaphors and similes
Onomatopoeia, alliteration and/or idiom
Different types of sentences - short, long, compound and complex

One thing that (keru) did well was…3 paragraphs

One thing that (keru) needs to work on:to have Onomatopoeia, alliteration and/or idiom in his writing