Thursday, April 12, 2018

RM 7 bean boozled challenge

RM 7 bean boozled
Who? Room 7.
What? We played  bean boozled.
When? Thursday 12 april.
Where? At school in room 7.
Why? Cause mrs komor gave miss ashley the bean boozled  game.

Round 1:
One morning on thursday 12th April we did a challenge and it was called  bean boozled challenge. Miss Ashley was given the game by Mrs Komor for christmas. All of  Rm7 got to try some Rm7 got bad luck and most of Room 7 got good luck. Then miss ashley picked  us to come. Pick one so first was Keru they thought it was lime but when he swallowed .it was actually grass. Next was lopi he got white
bean.and when he ate it he got spoiled  milk. the next one was michael and he had  grass last was miss Ashley and she got grass like michael .
Round 2:
Then it was the next round  and again i started fist and lopi was next and we got the same one  he got stinky socks and again miss Ashley was last and this time she got  buttered popcorn and then we sat on the mat after we did the challenge.

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